The 6th of July, “el chupinazo”. San Fermin. Pamplona (Spain)

The 6th of July is the day that just starts one of the main Festival in the world. You have an appointment in the Plaza Consistorial at 12.00am.chupinazo

If you plan to be in Pamplona on the 6th of July it could much better to know well all the things that you should do before:

  • Find a good balcony to see the chupinazo (the opening ceremony).
  • Find the tickets to see the running of the bulls from a balcony. The otherwise would be very difficult to find a balcony with views of quality.
  • Encierro 07
  • Know what are the options to do after the running of the bulls. There are some possibilities.
  • Find a good accommodations to be. You can be in the old centre or to rest in a very beautiful rural house.
  • Find the tickets to go a bullfight.
  • And never forget to buy a couple of white trousers and T-shirt and a red scarf¡¡¡¡Toros
  • And the most important thing to be OPEN to enjoy the FIESTA.48373_300611hemingway

You will find everything that you need here.

More information:


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Simplemente quiero mostrar aquello que conozco y mesientabien, aquellos lugares por los que paso y mesientabien, aquello que me gusta repetir y mesientabien...ah y también sonreír mesientabien.
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